Here is a summary to of the responsible practices that Connie’s Guest House were involved in when we did the first site visit.


Water saving devices
  • Some rooms have showers instead of baths, or have both options available
  • Some garden hoses have auto shut-off nozzles

Water saving practices
  • Staff are reminded to use water sparingly
  • The gardener is instructed to use sprinklers no more than 20 minutes in each area watered

energy_saving_small_no_fill_ecoENERGY SAVING

Energy saving devices
  • Some lighting is energy efficient CFLs or LEDs
  • Rooms have extra blankets for use in cooler months
Energy saving practices
  • In some spaces the number of lights that are used is limited

 carbon_neutral_small_no_fill_ecoREDUCING CARBON EMISSIONS

  • Trips made by vehicle are planned so that there are no or fewer ’empty legs’

recycling_small_no_fill_ecoWASTE MANAGEMENT

  • Waste that can be re-used by the business or others has been identified
  • Organic waste is composted and used in the garden

eco_cleaning_small_no_fill_ecoECO CLEANING

  • The business knows which substances being used are harmful
  • The use of remaining harmful substances is limited

 responsible_purchasing_small_no_fill_eco copyRESPONSIBLE PURCHASING

  • The use of single serve sugar and disposable items is partially avoided

visitor_information_small_no_fill_eco copyINFORMATION TO VISITORS

  • Guests are given information about saving water
  • Guests are given information about saving electricity

sustainable_operations_small_no_fill_eco copySUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT

  • Promotional materials are accurate, complete and do not make misleading claims about sustainability or what can be delivered

empowerment_small_no_fill_ecoSTAFF AWARENESS & EDUCATION

  • Staff are reminded to use water sparingly
  • New staff are made aware of the need to save electricity