Results of the first visit to Connie’s Guesthouse

CGH - Exterior - Lush Trees, Plants and GrassConnie, owner and manager of Connie’s Guesthouse has a good notion that saving water and electricity will result in lower bills. Staff are reminded to use water sparingly and new staff are told of the need to save both water and electricity.

Connie also knows well that her lush and beautiful garden is greedy for water. Some of the garden hoses have auto-shut off nozzles and the gardener was instructed to only water the garden before 10h00 or after 16h00. He doesn’t always follow this instruction, but he’s aware of this need. Educating staff is a very important step in the responsible tourism journey.

We were happy to see that Connie has a vegetable garden. It’s nice not to need supermarkets for all the food that we eat. But we were also very impressed that Connie was composting kitchen and organic waste and using the compost in the veggie garden. In this way, she reduces waste that goes to landfill and reduces her food and gardening bill.

We used a technical sheet to record what responsible practices Connie’s Guest House were involved in when we did the first site visit. You can view the full results of this first visit here.