The International Centre for Responsible Tourism and Better Tourism Africa invite WTM Africa 2019 visitors and exhibitors to attend the official WTM Responsible Tourism seminars, 2019 African Responsible Tourism Awards and the ‘Business Case for Responsible Tourism’ Conference sessions.

Come along to hear what tourism businesses in Africa are doing to create better places to live in and visit.

How can Travel and Tourism best reduce the carbon emissions of our industry?

Wednesday 10 Apr 2019, 14:30 – 15:15, WTM Africa Conference Theatre

With high rates of growth, the sector will become a more and more significant as polluters come under increasing pressure from regulators applying the polluter pays principle. The business case for reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all parts of the sector has never been stronger and public awareness of the issue and its consequences is rising. Climate change is happening now with wildfires, heat waves, flooding sea level rise and extreme weather events. The most recent IPCC report reminds us that human activities have caused a 1°C increase on pre-industrial levels. Recently emissions have begun to rise again and the IPCC is now forecasting, with a high degree of confidence, that global warming is likely to reach 1.5°C between 2030 and 2052 if it continues to increase at the current rate. Life will become increasingly unpleasant and dangerous for millions of us unless we take action.

What should the tourism sector be doing to effectively promote wildlife conservation?

Wednesday 10 Apr 2019, 16:00 – 16:45, WTM Africa Conference Theatre

There is mounting concern about the ethics, value and impacts of the tourism industry on wildlife conservation. Whilst views about what is desirable and unacceptable differ by source markets and age, there is no doubt that views are changing. The animal welfare issue was debated at WTM  London and World Animal Protection has published research on how little the trade associations are doing to improve practices in animal welfare.  In this panel, we are broadening the animal welfare debate to consider how the tourism industry can positively support overall conservation goals.

  • Moderator: Harold Goodwin, WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor
  • Panellists: Glenn Phillips, Managing Executive, Kruger National Park; Ana Lemmer, Acting CEO, Fair Trade Tourism; Paul Zille, CEO, Tourism Conservation Fund

2019 African Responsible Tourism Awards Ceremony  & Celebration

 Wednesday 10 Apr 2019, 16:45 -19:00, WTM Africa Conference Theatre and Cape Whale Coast Blue Bus

Join us to celebrate the shining stars of responsible tourism on the African continent – the individuals, organisations and destinations making a positive impact on local cultures, communities and biodiversity. The finalists are:

Business Case for Responsible Tourism Conference

Introduction to the Business Case

Thursday 11 Apr 2019, 09:00 – 10:15, WTM Africa Conference Theatre

 There is a strong business case to be made for addressing the economic, social and environmental issues which arise as a consequence of tourism in the destinations we value. In this session, we’ll explore the range of opportunities for improving your bottom line by taking responsibility enabling you to improve your business by cutting costs, improving your product and gaining more clients in the context of sustained growth in demand for experiential tourism.

 The 2019 Africa Responsible Tourism Awards winners

Thursday 11 Apr 2019, 10:15 – 11:30, WTM Africa Conference Theatre

Our 2019 African Responsible Tourism Award winners have been invited to talk about their initiatives and why it makes business sense for them.

African Responsible Tourism Awards – Winner Presentations

 Responsible Tourism is about making tourism better. On Day 2 of the Conference, we have invited previous Responsible Tourism Awards winners to share with us what they do to make tourism better for the communities they work in and the natural and cultural environments which attract their tourists. There is no one business case for Responsible Tourism, there is a range of reasons for taking responsibility. Each of these businesses will describe what they have done and, most importantly, why it made business sense for them.

Session 1

Friday 12 Apr 2019, 09:00 – 10:15, WTM Africa Conference Theatre

Session 2

Friday 12 Apr 2019, 10:15 – 11:30, WTM Africa Conference Theatre