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Project Description

Responsible Tourism Cape Town

The City of Cape Town commenced its better tourism journey in 2002 as host to the 1st International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations, a parallel 5 event of the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Since then the city has steadily grown in stature as a leading responsible tourism destination. Successes include:

  • Adoption of a responsible tourism policy and action plan
  • Cape Town Responsible Tourism Charter
  • Winner of the 2009 “Best Destination” award at the World Responsible Tourism awards
  • Successful implementation of Cape Town’s Green Goal programme during the 2010 FIFA World Cup
  • Hosting the annual Responsible Tourism Week
  • Host of the World Design Capital in 2014 under the central theme “Live Design. Transform Life”
  • Host of the 11th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations as well as the African Responsible Tourism Awards in 2015

Better Tourism Africa continues to serve as key strategic partner and advisor to the City of Cape Town on these and other initiatives. Projects include:

  • Cape Town Responsible Tourism How-to Guide
  • Cape Town Cultural Heritage Tourism Strategy and Action Plan
  • Cape Town Responsible Tourism Digital Marketing
  • Cape Town Responsible Tourism Challenge to encourage small businesses to operate responsibly
  • Workshop on Responsible Tourism for Educators
  • Universal Access in Tourism Assessment and Website

Follow Cape Town’s journey here.

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Ended April 2018


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