Past projects

Past projects2015-02-23T09:17:56+00:00

The founding members of Better Tourism Africa were directly involved in the development, organisation and coordination of an array of policy documents, responsible tourism strategies, toolkits, technical documents, working groups and conferences:

  • Technical Committee (TC 228) for Tourism (South African Bureau of Standards, 2014)
  • National Responsible Tourism Strategy (National Department of Tourism, 2012)
  • Responsible Tourism workshops for tourism businesses (City of Cape Town, 2010/11)
  • National Minimum Standard for Responsible Tourism and associated accreditation system for tourism certification agencies (National Department of Tourism, 2009/10)
  • Responsible Tourism Strategy (South African National Parks, 2009)
  • Responsible Tourism Policy and Campaign Action Plan (City of Cape Town, 2008/10)
  • Training programme in Responsible Tourism Management for Western Cape tourism officials and officer (funded by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, 2006/7)
  • Training programme in Responsible Tourism Planning for provincial and local government’ (Development Bank of South Africa & the Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Education Training Authority, 2005)
  • Gauteng Responsible Tourism Framework & Manual (Gauteng Tourism Authority, 2004)
  • National Responsible Tourism Handbook (Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism, 2003)
  • National Responsible Tourism Guidelines for South Africa (Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism, 2002)
  • World Summit on Sustainable Development parallel conference on ‘Responsible Tourism in Destinations’ held in Cape Town (2002)