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Our projects


Strengthening the WOWZULU model for sustainable community-based tourism

Better Tourism Africa has partnered with KwaZulu-Natal-based rural development agency, Africa!Ignite, on a project funded by UNEP’s 10YFP initiative. The project aims to bring together tourism stakeholders to research, strengthen and document the WOWZULU tourism initiative as a model for sustainable community-based tourism in South Africa.


Other projects

The founding members of Better Tourism Africa were directly involved in the development, organisation and coordination of an array of policy documents, responsible tourism strategies, toolkits, technical documents, working groups and conferences. These projects were undertaken at national, provincial and local level.

Our clients

Better Tourism Africa works in with a wide range of initiatives and programmes to realise mutual objectives. We typically collaborate with destinations to facilitate and deliver responsible tourism. We also work with other public sector organisations to develop the arts and culture, and preserve cultural heritage.