DSCF7663The finalists for the African Responsible Tourism Awards 2015 were announced on the 13th of April in Cape Town – ahead of the start of the 11th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations. But what were the judges looking for?

The ambition of the Awards is to surprise and inspire the tourism industry and travellers by what responsible tourism can achieve. In assessing the short-list judges were looking for:

  • Entrants who clearly quantify their achievements and¬†have clear methodologies for measurement and improvement

  • Organisations that are both doing good work themselves, and using their influence to ensure that their suppliers do so too

  • Demonstration of evidence-based¬†improvements on previous years

  • Genuinely new approaches and innovation

  • Real impact

  • Businesses or organisations delivering excellent customer service including offering educational opportunities to learn about the responsible business activities of the experience, the destination, its people and environment

  • Endorsement and recognition by others

  • Credibility of the data presented in the submissions

The awards will be announced on Thursday the 16th of April at the World Travel Market Africa.