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We know that responsible tourism is good business. Ten tourism businesses in Gauteng are on a journey to apply responsible business practices. Over a six month period the host businesses are evaluated, helped to develop a sustainability plan and trained to implement the changes needed. Along the way, the hosts will introduce new behaviours and technologies supporting responsible tourism, and at all stages we will be measuring the results of the changes made.

We’re hoping that by introducing the right actions and technologies, tourism business owners will begin to realise that there’s value in responsible tourism and begin to do more to ensure that their businesses operate sustainably and thrive.

We are committed to the creation of signature visitor experiences. Responsible and sustainable tourism practices form a core part of this. Just one more way in which we are creating a better Gauteng.”

Dawn Robertson, Gauteng Tourism Authority

The process

Our hosts will be taken through a step-by-step process to better understand their current resource usage, how to draft a sustainability plan and how to apply the necessary business practices, tools and technologies to make their businesses more sustainable. Throughout they will be actively involved in capturing and analysing the necessary usage data.

“Many tourism businesses want to learn about how to operate their business in a more sustainable manner. Many do not know where to start or how to evaluate their current level of performance. They want practical advice on what to do to improve.”

Mbuyiselo Kona, Gauteng Tourism Authority

Follow and share their journey

By following the AmaGeePee RT challenge blog you will learn more about the ways in which you too can measure your current performance, become more resource efficient, and learn about practices and tools that can assist you on the road to becoming more sustainable. Follow their journey here and remember to share their stories on social media.

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