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African Responsible Tourism Awards

With its unique natural and cultural landscapes, Africa offers many opportunities for responsible tourism. Tourism organisations are already growing tourism that preserves, respects and benefits African destinations and African people. The African Responsible Tourism Awards  celebrates the efforts made by individuals, organisations and destinations in Africa. The awards also aim to inspire change in the African tourism industry. Winners of the African awards will automatically be entered into the global awards. Better Tourism Africa is the licence holder and organiser for the African Responsible Tourism Awards. Find out more about the African Responsible Tourism Awards here.

 Better Tourism Africa Film festival

Tourism and film has a long established relationship, with film reels promoting travel to distant countries almost as old as the film industry itself. While the commercial use of film by tourism marketing bodies has become a multi-million dollar industry, documentary filmmakers are increasingly also exploring the effects of a powerful global industry on the environment and host communities. In response filmmakers are exploring a range of themes related to climate change, responsible, ethical and fair trade business practices, and the impacts of globalisation on natural and cultural landscapes and host societies. The Better Tourism Film Festival explores a diverse range of themes associated with tourism, hospitality and travel industries. Themes explored include:

  • The transport industry and climate change
  • Responsible, ethical and fair trade tourism practices
  • The hospitality industry and ethical food production
  • Phenomena such as ‘dark tourism’ and sex tourism
  • Social change and tourism impacts on the natural and historical environment

We are scouting for the best in current African and global documentary filmmaking. Contact us if you wish to submit a title for consideration.

Responsible Tourism Cape Town

Cape Town started its better tourism journey in 2002 as host city for the 1st International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations, a parallel event of the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Since then the city has steadily grown in stature as a leading responsible tourism destination. Successes include:

  • Adoption of a responsible tourism policy and action plan
  • Adoption of Cape Town Responsible Tourism Charter
  • Winner of the 2009 “Best Destination” award at the World Responsible Tourism awards
  • Successful implementation of the Green Goal programme during the 2010 FIFA World Cup
  • Hosting an annual Responsible Tourism Week
  • Host of the World Design Capital in 2014 under the central theme “Live Design. Transform Life”
  • Host of the 11th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations
  • Host of the African Responsible Tourism Awards in 2015.

Better Tourism Africa continues to serve as key strategic partner and advisor to the City of Cape Town on these and other initiatives. Follow Cape Town’s journey here.

Responsible Tourism Gauteng

The Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) was an early adopter of responsible tourism as a guiding ethos for developing destination Gauteng – home to Africa’s most visited city, Johannesburg. Gauteng has continued to show commitment to the cause. In 2004 the GTA adopted a Responsible Tourism Planning Framework and Manual to guide municipalities on how to plan for better tourism. Responsible tourism also cross-cuts the Gauteng Tourism Sector Strategy. More recently the authority finalised a Responsible Tourism Strategy for the province.

In 2014 Better Tourism Africa entered into a partnership with the Gauteng Tourism Authority, the National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa (NCPC-SA), and EVOLVE to roll out resource efficiency and cleaner production assessments in accommodation businesses in Gauteng province. This pilot project actively demonstrates how tourism businesses are making a difference. You can follow the journey here.