Sisco Auala

Dr Sisco Auala, judge, african responsible tourism awards

Independent sustainable tourism consultant

Sisco Auala will be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism Management (PhD) from the Nelson Mandela University, South Africa, in April 2019.  Her research interest lies in sustainable tourism with a special focus on township tourism and community-based tourism development.

Sisco’s career in the tourism and hospitality sector in Europe and Africa spans 24 years.  She was the Marketing Director for Namibia Tourism in the UK & Scandinavia and Ireland.  She held the position of Tourism Marketing Project Manager for the Millennium Challenge Account,  managing tourism development projects that were aimed at developing tourism routes in rural Namibia. The projects focussed on getting tourists off the beaten track to visit rural areas so as to spread the benefits of tourism and contribute to the alleviation of poverty in rural Namibia. She further worked with Solimar International, Cardno Emerging Markets and Sustainable Travel Incorporated, a USA based organisation in the implementation of the North American Destination Marketing Campaign for Namibia Tourism.

Sisco is passionate about the transformation of the tourism sector both in Africa and elsewhere in the world. She believes that tourism has the potential to transform our world by fostering understanding and mutual respect among people of the world and ensuring that tourism benefits all.

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