Frequently asked questions

How do I submit an entry into the 2018 African Responsible Tourism Awards?

Unlike previous years in which there were two rounds in which applicants had to provide information – the first which asked for an overview and the second that asked for more depth – there is now only a single application. To enter you need to:

  1. Go to ARTA18 categories page and click on the link below the category you wish to enter to download an entry form. Complete your submission and upload it using the online form (the link is in the entry form) by 15 February 2018.
  2. You will also need to upload documentation to support your application. This includes a responsible tourism policy (or similar document) and other material that provides evidence supporting your application.
  3. Finally, you will need to get references to support your application. Request reference letters as soon as possible and ask referees to upload their reference letters at the link provided on the application form.

Can I have an extension on the entry deadline?

Unfortunately no. Entries will close on the date and time specified on the submissions page.

What does it cost to enter the Awards?

Nothing apart from your time – entering the Awards is completely free-of-charge. If you make it through to our list of finalists you will be invited to attend the African Responsible Tourism Awards ceremony at WTM Africa in Cape Town. This ceremony (and WTM Africa) is also free to attend, however, travel to and from Cape Town (and accommodation etc) would be at your own expense.

Which category should I enter?

Read through each category description carefully and enter the one which is most relevant to your biggest successes and impacts – you know what these are.

Is it possible to enter more than one category?

Yes – you are welcome to enter any categories you feel are relevant, however, should you be successful in reaching the next stage of the Awards your submission will only be taken through in one category at the judges’ discretion.

None of the categories are right for me – what should I do?

We understand that responsible tourism is practised in many different forms around the world, and as a result, the categories at the African Responsible Tourism Awards change slightly every year. So while you may feel that none of the categories is right for you to enter this year, there may be a perfect fit next year.

What do you mean by ‘supporting evidence’?

We ask that with your submission form you also upload supporting evidence. This is could be any documentation, communication, policy or report which shows the impact rather than intent of your work – metrics or data in numerical form which can back up your answers is particularly welcomed by the judges. This evidence can be uploaded as a word document, image or PDF document. If  supporting documentation is already online, please include a link in the corresponding answer.

I can’t upload all my supporting documentation – how do I submit more?

Only one responsible tourism policy (or similar policy) and five supporting documents can be submitted with each entry. We ask that you think carefully about what supporting evidence you submit – quantity does not necessarily equate to quality – making sure this is concise and clearly referenced in your submission form.

How do I submit a supporting document with a file size greater than 10MB?

We’re sorry, but you aren’t able to – only file sizes less than 10MB will be accepted. If it is evidence you deem vital to your submission you will need to convert it to an alternative document or shrink the file size before you upload it.

Can I submit my entry to you via email or Dropbox/WeTransfer?

We’re sorry, but all entries and supporting documentation must be submitted via the online form.

Can I submit my entry in a language other than English?

Unfortunately not as our judging panel have English as the only common language. If you are not able to write in English then you will need ask someone to translate your entry before you submit it. Remember, the judges are looking for the impact rather than the intent of your work, or your ability to fluently describe it. Quantify, and use figures where possible.

When will the finalists be announced?

The finalists will be announced immediately after judging day on 10 April 2018.

When are the winners announced?

The winners will be announced in a ceremony at WTM Africa in Cape Town on 18 April 2018.

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