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Responsible Traveller

Responsible Traveller is a digital travel publication showcasing authentic, experiential travel as well as destinations and travel businesses with an ethos of responsible tourism… in southern Africa, Africa & the world.  This publication aims to inform, educate, entertain as well as inspire its readers to make informed decisions, manage their impact on the environment, to ‘travel like a local’ and to ‘be the difference’.

It is also an ideal platform for tourism suppliers to profile their environmental and community initiatives, their authentic travel experiences and the positive impact they are having on both local people, the economy and the environment –  through experiential stories written by travellers as well as by advertising on the website.

This niche publication equips readers – and inspire tourism businesses – to make informed decisions on where to travel, what to do and how to be a responsible traveller.

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Digital magazine:  Responsible Traveller


StudicoStudico Video Journalists are a collaborative team of ‘Run and Gun” online journalists and bloggers. Run and Gun Videography means we don’t set-up cumbersome lights and rigs, position reflectors and diffusion panels. We don’t drag along a crew team to set up each shot and get in the way, we see moments, grab the best shot and create stories.

Impactual and effective online video marketing can mean anything from an instant uploaded 20-second clip to a full production of your event. Studico Video Journalists will tell your story.

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Green Hotelier

Green Hoteliergreen hotelier, partner, african responsible tourism awards is the leading voice on sustainability in the hospitality industry and the digital magazine of ITP, the International Tourism Partnership.

ITP works with global hotel groups providing a non-competitive platform for collaboration, and turning responsible ambition and good ideas into positive action. Green Hotelier provides news, blogs and best practice stories from hotels around the world, as well as a wealth of free resources to help hoteliers with properties of any size to be more responsible businesses, run sustainably and with minimum impact on the environment.

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internationaltourismpartnershipThe International Tourism Partnership provides a non-competitive forum for leading global hotel groups to drive meaningful change across the industry. We do this by sharing ideas, building relationships and working in collaboration to make this one of the world’s most sustainable and responsible industries.

We help hotels address key social and environmental issues, providing tools and programmes that enable them to measure their carbon and water footprints, offer employability programmes to disadvantaged young people, improve fair labour standards and reduce the risk of human trafficking.

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