Best for Decent Work and Inclusion

InclusionThe Best for Decent Work and Inclusion category is for a tourism organisation that has an exemplary approach to employment and treatment of staff, and a creative and long-term approach to including local producers in the supply chain.

Explained: The Best for Decent Work and Inclusion category is looking for tourism organisations that create places to work which are supportive, fair and empowering – and looks beyond meeting legal requirements. This category is for organisations for whom the belief and practice of fair wages and decent working conditions is fundamental. These organisations also celebrate the skills of local people, employ local staff and offer training and progression opportunities. We are also looking for evidence of active engagement with local producers and their inclusion in the supply chain.

What the Judges want: Organisations with a demonstrated commitment to, and a clear emphasis on, decent and fair working conditions. The winner will demonstrate a holistic approach to the welfare and skills development of its staff and significant achievement in local sourcing and employment.

Download the application form here.

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