Best for Aquatic Species and Habitat Conservation

MarineThe Best for Aquatic Species and Habitat Conservation category is awarded to a tourism organisation or initiative that has a measurable success in conserving and managing coastal/marine/freshwater habitats and species.

Explained: The focus of Best for Aquatic Species and Habitat Conservation is on tourism providers – whether tour operators, accommodation establishments, activity operators or conservation organisations – which have, through tourism, achieved measurable species and/or habitat conservation objectives in coastal, marine or freshwater environments. Initiatives might include diving trails, wildlife watching experiences, places to stay or other tourism experiences which benefit species and/or habitats and local communities.

What the Judges want: Leadership in responsible tourism policies and practices in a coastal, marine or freshwater setting, positive integration and relationships with local communities, proven achievements in maintaining species and/or habitats, measures of success and ideas which can be adapted and developed by tourism providers around the world.

Download the application form here.


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