• wowzulu inclusive tourist destination

    WOWZULU Sustainable Community-based Tourism

    Better Tourism Africa has partnered with KwaZulu-Natal-based rural development agency, Africa!Ignite, on a project focusing on their work in developing community-based tourism. “Creating a sustainable community-based tourism model for South Africa”, a project executed by Africa!Ignite, has been selected… Read More

  • African Responsible Tourism Awards

    With its unique natural and cultural landscapes, Africa offers many opportunities for responsible tourism. Tourism organisations are already growing tourism that preserves, respects and benefits African destinations and African people. The African Responsible Tourism Awards aims to celebrate… Read More

  • Responsible Tourism Cape Town

    The City of Cape Town commenced its better tourism journey in 2002 as host to the 1st International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations, a parallel 5 event of the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Since then the city… Read More