Better Tourism Africa works to contribute to economic development, social justice and environmental integrity through the development and promotion of Responsible Tourism.


Our objectives are:

  • To advocate for the integration of responsible tourism into the policies, operations and activities of tourism businesses and tourism organisations
  • To promote the principles and practices of responsible tourism through training, education and awareness programmes
  • To undertake research and technical advisory services to drive the implementation of responsible tourism
  • To network with individuals, institutions and tourism businesses that support the objectives of the Cape Town Declaration.

Our services

Better Tourism Africa works in partnership with a wide range of initiatives and programmes to realise mutual objectives. We typically collaborate with certification schemes, destinations and donors to facilitate and deliver responsible tourism.

We also offer our vast research talent and expertise in responsible and sustainable tourism on a fee-for-service basis to organisations and private companies. We work with clients of all sizes to identify and meet their needs. Our assignments typically range from corporate responsibility to strategic destination planning, policy development, local tourism, sustainability assessments and more. We draw on the experience of founding members and tap into our extensive network of experts working around the globe. We are able to scale up to whatever the challenge might be.

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