Palesa Guesthouse’s scorecard after the first site vist

Here is a summary to of the responsible practices that Palesa Guesthouse were involved in when we did the first site visit.



Water saving practices
  • Water leaks and drips are reported immediately for repair
  • Gardens are only watered before 10h00 or after 16h00
  • Grey water is re-used

energy_saving_small_no_fill_ecoENERGY SAVING

Energy saving devices
  • Some lighting is energy efficient
  • Rooms have extra blankets for use in cooler months
  • Guest rooms have key card systems
  • Outdoor areas are lit using day-night or motion sensors
  • Pool pump has a timer and its settings are optimal
Energy saving practices
  • The number of lights that are used in any given space is limited
  • Geyser temperatures are set to optimise energy use (e.g  55C or 60C maximum)

renewable_small_no_fill_ecoRENEWABLE ENERGY

  • Solar lighting is available in rooms for load shedding times

carbon_neutral_small_no_fill_ecoREDUCING CARBON EMISSIONS

  • Vehicle trips are planned to minimise / eliminate “empty legs”

recycling_small_no_fill_ecoWASTE MANAGEMENT

  • Waste that can be re-used by the business or others has been identified
  • Plastic, tin and glass are separated and collected by informal waste collectors
  • Some organic waste is composted
Disposal of hazardous waste
  • The business knows which waste is harmful and needs special disposal methods
Reducing waste
  • Food waste is reduced, eg by making meals to order instead of a buffet

eco_cleaning_small_no_fill_ecoECO CLEANING

  • The business knows which substances being used are harmful



Supporting biodiversity conservation
  • The business knows what areas of interests in terms of biodiversity are nearby
  • The business makes in-kind contributions to these areas

responsible_purchasing_small_no_fill_eco copyRESPONSIBLE PURCHASING

  • The business looks for green labels when shopping
  • The business buys paper made from recyled content
  • The business purchases locally
  • Some single serve items have been replaced with items in bulk
  • Some disposable items have been replaced with resuable items

sustainable_operations_small_no_fill_eco copySUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT

  • Guest feedback is collected, monitored and acted upon
  • The design and construction of the business respects the natural and / or cultural heritage surroundings

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