Responsible tourism businesses say goodbye to bathtubs!

Results of the first visit to Kgadi’s Bed & Breakfast

Sometimes, accommodation establishments make responsible choices without having a specific strategy or plan. Anna, owner of Kgadi’s, unwittingly invested in water saving devices.  Part of a plan or not – the results are the same – water saving.

There are no bath tubs in any rooms and all the showers have low-flow showerheads. To give you an idea – a full bath uses up to 80 litres water and a five-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead uses only 35 litres of water. Some of the toilets are dual-flush – another simple water saving device and one not much more expensive than a single flush toilet.

Kgadi's B&B

Low-flow showerhead

Kgadi’s has no dishwasher and the washing machine it does has a water-wise setting. Laundry is also one of the areas in which Kgadi’s saves electricity. All washing is air-dried except for towels in winter which are tumble dried because days are too short for them to air dry.  Anna turns off the geyser in the morning and then turning it back on at 2:00pm, but has no idea how much energy is used to heat the geyser up again. We will use an energy monitoring device on the geyser to check this, and help her to set the geyser timer so that not too much heat is lost.

Anna has already take the first steps towards water and energy efficiency.  Follow this blog to find out what else could be done and track her progress.

Kgadis B&B

Dual flush toilet

We used a technical sheet to record what responsible practices Kgadi’s Bed & Breakfast were involved in when we did the first site visit. Look out for the full results of the initial sustainability evaluation in the next post.

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