Getting the basics of responsible tourism right

Results of the first visit to Khok’moya Guest House

The lights at Khok’moya are fitted with CFL’s

The building in which Khok’moya is housed was built in the 1920’s and generally, the older a building is the more retrofitting is needed to make it environmentally sustainable. Thankfully, many upgrades have been made since it was originally built.

Today,  Khok’moya offers guests have a comfortable stay, and we found that many of the first steps on a responsible tourism journey have already been taken.

Khok’moya already has some environmentally-friendly devices fitted, although these are not widespread. Some toilets were fitted with water-saving devices and all of the lights with energy efficient CFLs or LEDs. The host, Fikile, most likely installed these devices because they meant cost savings, but showing how responsible choices result in more cents in your pocket is just one of the aims of this project.

Khok’moya is already on the right track to reduce the amount of energy and water used – air drying washing, using smaller kettles and only watering gardens during the cooller times of the day.  Fikile has taken many steps to reduce the amount of waste produced by the business –  getting rid of single use items, separating waste into a system of coloured bins for collection by recyclers and composting organic waste for use in the veggie garden on the premises.

Khok’moya is strongest on water and energy saving and waste management, but there is still much work to be done in all areas.  Fikile is planning to add more guest rooms to Khok’moya. She wants her new rooms to be environmentally efficient, but realises that what can be done is constrained by her budget.

Coffee and sugar is provided in larger containers instead of in single servings


Guest soap and shampoo  are supplied in refillable bottles instead of single-use, disposable containers

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