Tebogo Bed & Breakfast

Tebogo Bed & Breakfast

Tebogo Bed and Breakfast is situated in Mabopane in the north of Tshwane. It is a cosy establishment, owner-managed by Mr. Peter Deeme.



The property
Suburban, landscaped


9 rooms with fridges, kettles, fans, heaters & televisions
Sleeps up to 18 guests


5 staff members


Meals provided



History of the business

Tebogo’s is named after the youngest son of owners, Peter Deeme and Thandi Xhoza. The B&B was originally the Deeme family home, which was built in 1992, and was converted to a township B&B in 2006 when Peter’s family moved to the suburbs.

The change from a family home to a B&B was principally inspired by a visit to France for the World Cup in 1998 – the first post-Apartheid participation of the South African team in the prestigious event. Peter was so moved by the scale of the event and by the momentum of a post-Apartheid South Africa, that he was compelled to believe that his home country could one day host such an event. And he was going to be ready to welcome the fans. A visionary perhaps…?

The B&B attracts primarily business travellers who are looking for a nice, quiet place in the local area. Tebogo’s also hosts guests visiting the Morula Casino (only 3km away) and those attending religious conferences in the vicinity.

The hosts talk to us

Their role in the community

Tebogo’s was one of the first businesses in the area, and Peter is convinced that the pride taken in the family businesses has spilled over to a sense of pride shared amongst his neighbours. He believes that this has served as somewhat of a catalyst for others to invest in improving and maintaining the standard of the local area. He says in jest that he sees himself as a bit of a ‘trendsetter’. For example, others in the area look after their gardens, keep the street clean and one of the neighbours has recently even taken it upon himself to convert the property next to Tebogo’s to a play area for children. This initiative encouraged the other neighbours to change their practices of dumping rubbish there and to rather support a positive environment where children would have a clean, safe space in which to play.

Tebogo’s further benefits the local area by actively promoting local restaurants and the licensed tavern just up the street. The B&B has also benefited the active religious community in the area by providing an accommodation option for those from out of town attending services; previously there were no options for them other than to travel considerable distances daily.

And, consistent with his ‘trendsetter’ character, Peter also tries to encourage local people to use bicycles as a mode of transportation. He, himself, often rides his bike to the B&B and participates is awareness raising rides with local cycling groups. Guests of the B&B are also given the option to use the bicycles to explore the vicinity.

Their hope from the project

Peter likes to build partnerships and looks forward to building a stronger link with the Gauteng Tourism Authority. He is also convinced that managing power and water more efficiently will result in cost savings.

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