Matlapeng Country Estate

Matlapeng Country Estate

“Matlapeng”, meaning a rocky place, is set on a 21-acre plot in Cyferpan in Vanderbijlpark and has a charming rustic setting. The hosts at Matlapeng are Felicia and Simphiwe Khuse.



The property


Picnic venue
Large grounds that accommodates 2000 people


5 self-catering units
Sleeps up to 28 guests


Wedding / conference facilities
2 rooms for up to 250 guests


5 staff members


Swimming pool


Done by the business on the premises

History of the business

What started out as an idea for a wedding venue in this area of rural southern Gauteng had convinced the owners of Matlapeng – Felicia and Simphiwe – within just 1 year that there was demand for considerably more from the local market. They began operating in earnest in 2011 but quickly expanded to offer not only a wedding and conferencing venue, but also self-catering accommodation and a picnic site with braai facilities, a swimming pool and playground for kids.

The picnic venue soon became a household name as the couple used their strategic marketing abilities to partner with local radio stations to get big-name DJs in to provide entertainment at the weekend picnics. Matlapeng soon became the ‘place to be’ over the weekend and now provides an accessible, party-vibe venue at which locals can unwind with friends and family.

The self-catering accommodation provides an ideal option for longer-term contractors to the local area. And then the weddings and conferences round out the diverse product offering of this successful home-grown business.

The hosts talk to us

Their role in the community

Matlapeng Country EstateFelicia and Simphiwe see their business as a success story for the local area – as something that they and locals alike are proud of. Local people see the positive changes brought to the area by the success of the business and share in that success, often reportedly proclaiming, “Matlapeng is ours”. There is a sense not only of pride, but also of ownership in something that has brought economic activity and notoriety to the area.

Their hopes from the project

They have an awareness of environmental pressures and of the negative impacts of not respecting the environment, and feel a sense of obligation to understand what they, as a business, can do differently to reduce and mitigate their own impacts. Given their position in the local community, they also see an opportunity for their efforts to impact on how the local community responds to environmental pressures.

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